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Kirk Banks

Kirk Banks Tournament U10-19 (See below for Form downloads and Schedules/Standings)

Applications packets are now being accepted for the 2020 Kirk Banks Tournament, which will be held at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Park from Thursday, March 19 – Sunday, March 22, 2020.  Each submitted packet shall consist of:

1)  Application Form – one form per team
2)  Entry Fee
3)  Referee Deposit

Entry Fee and Referee Deposit shall be in the form of TWO separate Regional checks, payable to “AYSO Kirk Banks Tournament”, and submitted to cover all of a Region’s applying teams.  Application packets must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2020.

APPLICATION FORMS:  Each Application Form must be completed and signed by the current Regional Commissioner (RC) of record, and respective Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) where applicable.


   Age Group         Entry Fee

    16U/19U               $325

        14U                   $275

        12U                   $225

        10U                   $200

         VIP            $10 (per player)

REFUNDS:  Teams withdrawing before February 15, 2020 will be issued a full refund.  Teams withdrawing after February 15, 2020 will not be issued a refund.  No partial refunds.

REFEREE DEPOSIT:  $300.00 per team, fully refundable under the condition that all scheduled referee assignments are adequately fulfilled during the tournament.  Refer to “2020 KBT Referee Plan”.

REFEREES:  Regions shall be responsible for ensuring that all scheduled referee assignments for each of their participating teams are fulfilled.  Each assignment shall consist of one center referee and two assistant referees, each of whom shall be certified, qualified and approved by their respective Regional Commissioner.  See Application/Commitment Form for required signature.

In the event teams and/or regions are NOT able to provide referee volunteers, they are strongly encouraged to contact neighboring regions for assistance.

Regions MUST also contact Tournament Referee Administrator, Ramdas Lamb, as soon as possible if they plan on NOT providing referees so that 1) the tournament has enough time to schedule a replacement crew and 2) other regions can be given the opportunity to sign in as replacement referees.  See KBT Referee Plan for replacement referee sign in procedures and conditions.

Regions that are able to provide replacement referees are encouraged to contact the tournament.

Mail application packets to:

2020 AYSO Kirk Banks Tournament
P.O. Box 404
Kaneohe, HI  96744

Only Regional checks will be accepted.  All incomplete packets or packets received after January 31, 2020 will be placed on a waitlist, and Regional Commissioners notified.

Eligibility requirements for players and coaches participating in the 2020 Kirk Banks Tournament are defined in the current Section Seven Guidelines for Secondary Programs, and defined below.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY:  To be eligible to participate in the 2020 Kirk Banks Tournament, players must have registered for the 2019-2020 AYSO membership year (MY2019) and actively participated in at least 50% of the scheduled games of the membership year’s AYSO Core Program, AYSO EXTRA Program or AYSO United (Club) Program held by their respective Region, Area or Section.

For purposes of this determination the following definitions shall apply:

●  “Registered” shall mean that the player must be registered with AYSO before half the games in the AYSO primary program have been completed.

●  "Actively Participated in" means playing in at least 50% of the scheduled games in the AYSO primary program.

●  "Scheduled Games" shall mean games that were scheduled for play at the beginning of the AYSO primary program and available for play (excludes games not available for play due to field closures or similar).

A registered player who did not play in a least 50% of the AYSO primary program’s scheduled games may be eligible if a special circumstance listed below applies.  If such a special circumstance applies, the Regional Commissioner must request, in writing, approval from the Area Director and/or Section Director prior to adding the player to a tournament roster.

For purposes of this determination the following definitions shall apply:

●  “Special Circumstances” are those that are considered outside of the player’s control that would preclude participation in the AYSO primary program.  These special circumstances include but are not limited to:

   ●  illness or injury

   ●  change of address (moved to a new Region)

   ●  parental custodial rights issues

   ●  conflicting school activity which prevented the player from participating in the AYSO primary program.

Each Regional Commissioner is responsible for ensuring that the eligibility rules and the spirit of their intent are honored. The Tournament Director, with assistance from the Area Directors and the Section Director, collectively reserve the right to determine and administer any discipline that they deem appropriate should they find that the participation of any team or player violates this rule or its intent. Disciplinary sanctions can include, but are not limited to, removing or rejecting the offending team or player from participation in all or any part of the tournament games.

In order to verify eligibility for secondary play, each Region shall utilize Sports Connect (formerly Blue Sombrero) for player registration, program assignment and team roster formation. This will enable tournament staff to verify player eligibility for participation in the Kirk Banks Tournament (Section Secondary Program).

COACH ELIGIBILITY:  All head AND assistant coaches designated on tournament team rosters must be:

   ●  AYSO-registered volunteers for MY2019

   ●  AYSO Safe Haven certified

   ●  trained under the age-specific AYSO coaching course for the age-group of players they are coaching

   ●  assigned the appropriate volunteer position (Coach or Assistant Coach) in Sports Connect

    Age Group      Minimum Coach Certification                          Age Group    Minimum Coach Certification

         19U                          Advanced                                                    14U                        Intermediate                

     16U/19U                      Advanced                                                    12U                             12U

         16U                          Advanced                                                    10U                             10U

Each team entering the tournament must have their roster(s) approved by the current Regional Commissioner of record to verify eligibility of all players and coaches.

TEAM SELECTION:  Based on the availability of fields and scheduling, the goal of the tournament is to accommodate all teams that apply for participation.  In the event the tournament cannot accommodate all applying teams, Regions with more than one team in any age group/gender will be contacted by February 15, 2020, and asked to reduce the number of participating teams in age groups/genders with multiple teams.

TEAM ROSTERS:  Following acceptance, team rosters shall be electronically generated by Regions using Sports Connect, and approved by the respective Regional Commissioner.  Team rosters (including Guest Player roster(s), if applicable) are due by March 1, 2020.  The maximum number of players allowed on rosters shall be:

        Age Group            Maximum Roster Size

              10U                               10

             12U                               12

             14U                               15

         16U & 19U                           18

NOTICE TO ALL 16U AND 18U TEAMS:  Each Gender in the 16U and 18U age groups will be comprised of two classifications of play; DIVISION I and DIVISION II.  Teams in Division I will have rosters comprised of 51% or more 18U players.  (See age chart in KBT Rules and Regulations).  Teams in Division II will have rosters comprised of 51% or more 16U players.  Division II teams MAY elect to play in Division I.  (Example:  A team with a roster of 18 players made up of nine (or more) 18U players and nine (or less) 16U players will be placed in Division I.  A team with a roster of 18 players made up of eight (or less) 18U players and ten (or more) 16U players will be placed in Division II but may elect to play in Division I).  Unless approved by the tournament director and Area Directors, Div I teams shall not be allowed to play in Div II.  Refer to the 2020 KBT Rules and Regulations for more information.  All teams will be scheduled a minimum of four games.


Thursday, March 19:  2:30 PM
Friday, March 20:  12:00 PM
Saturday, March 21:  8:00 AM
Sunday, March 22:  8:00 AM

ATTACHMENTS:  2020 AYSO Kirk Banks Tournament:

Application / Commitment Form
Referee Plan
Tournament Rules and Regulations
Low Tolerance Policy
Playing Up, Playing Down Policy
Sportsmanship Criteria
Emergency Action Plan

All attachments also available online at


Contact Kent Goya via e-mail at [email protected].

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Forms Downloads
2020 kbt applcomform_fillable.docx
2020 kbt emergency action plan.doc
2020 kbt low tolerance policy.docx
2020 kbt playing up_down policy.docx
2020 kbt referee plan.docx
2020 kbt rules and regulations.docx
2020 kbt sportsmanship criteria.docx


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